Karen and Meg

As a midwife, I have been very privileged to be present at many births, but when my own daughter, Meg, came to me and told me she was pregnant I was concerned about how she'd cope in labour as she's on the Autistic spectrum.  Because of this it was essential that she was as prepared as she possibly could be. 


Sally had been very enthusiastic about the benefits of HypnoBirthing, so i booked a course with Sally, not quite knowing how Meg would take to it, but I needn't have worried.  The first session Meg found that she could relax very easily, even if she laughed at visualising a lemon! 


As the sessions progressed, it became clear that Meg could do the techniques easily, and could relax very deeply indeed (so much so that when practicing at home I had to count her back up as she was totally gone!)  Sally was very patient with Meg and made her feel at ease, which is a real achievement as Meg finds meeting new people difficult. 


Two days after Meg's due date her labour started, we spent the first few hours at home using the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, Meg found this easy to do and coped well.  At 9.30am we went into the birthing centre, and vaginal examination confirmed Meg's cervix had opened 6cms.  The midwife looking after her could not believe how well Meg was coping, as her surges were powerful and Meg was so calm and relaxed with them.  By 1.30pm Meg had opened to 9cms, and still she was calm and relaxed. 

Unfortunately her baby had decided to turned making it a back to back labour, this caused Meg's cervix to return to 6cms!  Even though this was not good news, Meg picked herself up and kept going.  Meg eventually delivered at 01.23am, which was a long labour, due to position of the baby. 


She had no pain relief, only using HypnoBirthing and birthing pool.  The baby's heart rate throughout labour, was perfect, a calm mum leads to a calm baby.  Even now he is still a calm and relaxed baby.

Meg thoroughly enjoyed her labour, and is a very proud and happy mummy. 


From my point of view as a midwife, it was the most amazing birth I have ever been privileged to see, and this is not just because she is my daughter.  It was amazing to watch Meg connect with her body, and for us to work together to make Max's birth a really positive experience.  All parents to be should learn HypnoBirthing techniques, it is incredible to be part of, you really do birth the baby together.  If you are reading this then you are looking at Sally's website, investing money in HypnoBirthing sessions is money very well spent indeed, but remember you have to practice, practice, practice. Good luck with the birth of your baby, and I hope your experience is just as amazing as ours.

Clare and Archie

When you hear of the term HypnoBirthing it conjures up thoughts of a bit of a hippy sounding affair and may put many people off but please do not let it. It really is just a common sense, positive approach to birthing. We were not really sure what to expect but were so glad we attended Sally's course.


 As Sally is a very experienced midwife, I think this reason alone gives the course real credibility as you know that she wouldn't recommend this if it really wasn't a safe method of birthing.  All

 through the course Sally was able to back up the HypnoBirthing techniques with the medical reasoning behind how your body responds to labour and ways in which you can use your body to make the birth a really positive experience. This course also gives the Dads/birth partners a bit more of a role to play in labour and they will not feel a helpless spare part. Sally will equip them with the knowledge and confidence to be an active support in your labour as they will have a better understanding with how your body responds to labour and what you need to do to achieve a really good, positive labour.


 This was my third pregnancy and I had found the deliveries of my first two children quite hard and traumatic at the final stage and so was getting quite scared and anxious about going through it again.  When the opportunity arose to attend one of Sally's group courses, I jumped at the chance to try something that may help me through this stage of labour. I personally found the breathing techniques, positive  thinking, light touch massage and one of the visualisations the most useful things to aid me in my third labour and as Sally herself reiterates you only pick out and practice the elements that you find the most useful for you and your birth partner to use.


 My third labour was about 6 and a half hours in total and the delivery stage was only a mere 5 minutes and I felt very much in control this time around using the techniques we had learnt. Even the midwife who delivered Archie remarked at how calm and in control I was throughout

 (she didn't know we were trying to use HypnoBirthing until after Archie was born). I didn't feel the need for any pain relief during the contractions/surges and found being in the birthing pool really

 relaxing. I just had literally a few puffs of gas and air right at the end of the delivery stage but in hindsight, didn't really need it.  I can honestly say I only have really fond and positive memories of this labour and it was the easiest by far. Archie has been a very contented baby from day one, feeding well and was very alert, even from a young age.


 We enjoyed the group experience as Sally is a really warm, friendly person and the whole group was at ease from the start, even though we were all strangers. The HypnoBirthing techniques can also help you in other parts of your life as I have found.  I had quite a fear of blood tests but now use the breathing techniques to make me cope with these a lot better than I had previously done and I no longer have a fear of them.


 It is a bit of an investment to attend Sally's course but I do think it is worth its weight in gold as it will help you through what is a magical but intense moment in your lives. My advice would be to go for it, it really is so useful.


Good luck and happy HypnoBirthing!! xx


Holly, Dan and baby Otis


When my wife first mentioned HypnoBirthing I was very dubious. It sounded a bit wishy washy. Little did I know it would turn out to be the most useful preparation we could possibly have done for labour. It stopped me being a dad who worried about his role and what might happen into someone who was happy and confident that they could handle anything at the birth and always knew what to say when my wife needed it!

I now recommend hypnobirthing to anyone who will listen. It was useful in early labour, as I could relax my wife through the surges. And of course in the birthing room itself as my wife was holding on to me during the birth, I knew how to be involved and how to help her.

There was so much advice and help on the course that anyone would find parts that they would definitely use to help have a happy birthing experience.


The preparation we put in for the birth with Sally gave us confidence that whatever happened at the birth, we would be able to deal with it and have a good experience together. We weren’t sure that all the theory would go out of the window on the day, but actually we found the techniques were really helpful when it came to it!

It was great to work with Sally together throughout the course, so we both knew as much as each other and felt equally confident; we then easily slipped into that trusting partnership during labour. My husband always seemed to know just what I needed him to do and say, which was wonderful.

We laboured at home for a while but we needed to transfer to hospital when the midwife picked up a deceleration in Otis’ heart rate. The midwife who came out to us and the ambulance paramedics weren't quite sure when my contractions were as I was so quiet! At hospital, once they had established that he wasn’t in distress, hypnobirthing gave us the confidence that we could then carry on with a natural, peaceful labour – along with some great support from the midwives, it got us back on track to have a natural delivery.

For all of the first stage I breathed through the surges and my husband knew what to do to keep me calm and happy. When it came to the second stage, hypnobirthing helped me to feel like my body and baby were in control of the natural birth process and that everything would be fine. Otis was born after a short second stage of labour - he was alert and looking around the delivery room from the moment he arrived and fed as soon as he was put on my belly.

We liked Sally’s holistic approach of ‘mix and match’, where we used the things we found most useful (picking a mantra, the light touch massage, deepening exercises and techniques) and didn’t feel the need to spend too much time on the things we found less helpful (like some of the visualisations). This also meant we could use other techniques we’d learned in antenatal classes to get the right blend for us.

Clare and John


After a very long and stressful first birth HypnoBirthing made me confident for a shorter and more smoother second birth.  My second birth experience was 24 hours shorter than the first and I felt calm and in control.  I was able to get over the birth quickly and feel positive about the whole experience.  My whole labour was 7 and a half hours and only with gas and air towards the end.