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Hello and a very warm welcome to WestWilts HypnoBirthing®

WestWilts HypnoBirthing® classes run by Sally Carr.
If you followed the link from the
HypnoBirthing® site my given name is Rosalie however I have always been known as Sally.

Sally retired as a full time midwife in 2013, Sally continues to work as a NHS bank midwife.

I really enjoyed being a community midwife, I could follow my mums through the whole of their pregnancy from (almost) conception to confinement and a final sad sign off. I have been lucky in my career to have been a community midwife for 25 years serving 3 generations of mums. I now enjoy being able to concentrate more on my HypnoBirthing® practice whilst being a bank midwife still doing the job I love.

Sally has lots of experience within her professional field, Sally initially trained as a RN qualifying in 1977 after a few years of general nursing she decided to train as a midwife qualifying in 1980 a career that has been a joy, Sally observed that mums who had undertaken the HypnoBirthing course had a much calmer and better outcome so Sally has trained with the HypnoBirthing® Institute to become a certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, so that she can provide fantastic HypnoBirthing® classes in West Wiltshire.

Sally is affiliated with the Mongan HypnoBirthing® Institute
She enjoys enabling mothers and their birth companion to achieve a womderful positive exprience of birth through HypnoBirthing